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The Quiet Way: A Christian Path
to Inner Peace
author: Gerhard Tersteegen 
introduction by: Peter Erb 
Subject(s): Grade level / Lexile


high school / Lexile measure: 1140L

Format: Size / page count:


5.5" × 8.5" / 152 pages

ISBN: Date available:


Available now



Though you may not know the Christian writer Gerhard Tersteegen (1697-1769) by name, you will likely find his hymn "Thou hidden love of God" in your hymnal. If you read further, you will see that this hymn was translated by none other than John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement and a great admirer of Tersteegen. Even the king at the time, Frederick the Great, heard of the wisdom of the saintly weaver and summoned him to the palace at Wesel for conversations. Now you too can be moved and inspired by the same words that set John Wesley and countless other religious leaders down the Christian path to inner peace.  These extracts are from one hundred of Tersteegen’s letters as well as seventeen of his hymns. His emphasis on heartfelt religious devotion, ethical purity, and charitable activity greatly influenced the development of various Protestant denominations and was a powerful contributor to their spiritual awakening.

Reviews (hide/show)

“Tersteegen’s life is evidence that saintliness can find root in the protestant traditions as well as in Catholicism.”
Journal of Bible and Religion: Vol 20. No. 2, p.143
“Emily Chisholm and Peter Erb deserve our heartfelt gratitude for bringing Gerhard Tersteegen within the purview of contemporary spiritual wayfarers who will find in the writings a rich vein of Christian insight and sage counsel. Many of the anxieties and tensions of Tersteegen’s age strike a very contemporary note and his writings remain as pertinent today as ever. The Quiet Way is also a salutary reminder of the spiritual treasures to be found in the oft-neglected writings of the Protestant mystics.”
Harry Oldmeadow, author of A Christian Pilgrim in India: the Spiritual Journey of Swami Abhishiktananda
“A book to treasure: intimate, simple, unadorned counsel on fundamental aspects of the Christian life – love, prayer, rectitude, devotion to God and neighbor, rebirth in Christ – by the little-known eighteenth century mystic, Gerhard Tersteegen. His gentle voice blends the sweetness of Brother Lawrence, the innocence of Thomas Traherne, the soundness of Frances de Sales, and the apophatic surrender of Eckhart into a teaching profound and gracious, humble and vivifying.”
Philip Zaleski, editor of The Best American Spiritual Writing series
“I love Tersteegen for the insight he gives us into the eternal mind of God and His plans for His people. When multi-linguist Tersteegen was asked which country he was from, he invariably answered, ‘My home is with God in Eternity’.”
George M. Ella, author of Mountain Movers: Champions of the Faith
“Tersteegen’s advice was simple. You are the child of God. God’s nature is in you. It has only become overclouded. Withdraw from outward things. Pray, and you will make contact again with God, the source of your being. Forget yourself. Forget your selfish desires. Look to God. Die to your own will, live for God’s will and you will know true life.”
—from the Foreword by Emily Chisholm
“[Tersteegen’s] ‘brooks and cisterns of gospel truths’ turned those to whom he ministered to ‘the living fountain, the Word of God itself.’”
F. W. Krummacher, 19th century preacher and author, including The Suffering Saviour
“[Tersteegen is] the most fascinating character in the whole history of religious revival…. [He has skill in] the imaginative exposition of scripture in a class-meeting context which has probably never been equaled.”
W. Reginald Ward, British Methodist historian

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