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The Essential Charles Eastman
author: Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa)
editor: Michael Fitzgerald
foreword by: Raymond Wilson
Subject(s): Grade level / Lexile:

American Indian

11-12 / Lexile measure: 1200L

Format: Size / page count:


6" × 9" / 264 pages

ISBN: Date available:


Available now




This revised and updated edition contains the most important writings of Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa), the first Native American author to live simultaneously in the traditional world of the Santee Sioux and the modern civilization of the white man. Ohiyesa's works represent a complete explanation of the philosophy and moral code of the Plains Indian. Providing much of the basis of our knowledge of their sacred world view in which “we are all related,” they sound a profoundly spiritual note which speaks directly to the ecological crisis and the de-humanization of man so often discussed in our time. On a deeper level, Ohiyesa's message addresses every person who seeks a spiritual way in the midst of a society increasingly dominated by materialism and industrial technology. This new edition contains 10 sepia photographs from Eastman’s life and a thought-provoking foreword by Raymond Wilson. 


  • Silver Midwest Book Award for “Religion/Philosophy/Inspiration”

Reviews (hide/show)

“Eastman attended the injured at the infamous Battle of Wounded Knee, and knew first hand the plight of Native Americans seeking a spiritual way for themselves while having to live in a once nomadic society that was becoming increasingly dominated by materialism and industrial technology…. The Essential Charles Eastman is an important and seminal addition to academic and community library Native American Studies reference collections and especially recommended reading for students of Native American metaphysics, philosophy, and spirituality.”
Midwest Book Review
“A powerful and eye-opening look at the Native American life… This is a fascinating book; it will not only teach readers about the lost civilization of Native Americans, it will also instill in them respect and awe for the entire Indian race.”
ForeWord Reviews
“In the process of bridging the gap between the traditional Indian world of his youth and the white world of his adult life, Ohiyesa (Charles Eastman) managed to preserve the teachings of his forefathers; lessons today's world needs and thirsts for. It is a small miracle that these important spiritual teachings have been preserved for us.

“In its efforts to include American Indians in the ‘melting pot,’ the United States Government nearly destroyed a way of life. Much of what we learn about American Indian spirituality today must be interpreted through the often imperfect efforts of non-Indians. Learning from Ohiyesa (Charles Eastman) is learning from the source.”
—James Trosper, Shoshone Medicine Man and Sun Dance Chief
“Michael Fitzgerald has captured the essence of Charles Eastman’s writings, focusing on selections from his four best books…Eastman’s words provide his important views regarding Indian and white relations.”
—Prof. Raymond Wilson, Fort Hayes State University

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