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The Universal Spirit of Islam
editors: Michael O. Fitzgerald and Judith Fitzgerald
introduction by: Feisal Abdul Rauf
Subject(s): Grade level / Lexile:


high school / Lexile measure: 1111L

Format: Size / page count:


6" × 7.25" / 176 pages

ISBN: Date available:


Available now




This beautifully illustrated and award winning book serves an important purpose at a time when misunderstandings about Islam are rampant. It offers readers important keys to inter-faith dialogue and understanding. By expertly selecting quotes from Islam’s most authoritative sources, the Koran and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (Hadith), it serves to dispel widespread misunderstanding among Westerners.  By highlighting certain common themes, this book emphasizes that while authentic religions may look different, they all come from the same source.

While allowing the foundational sources of Islam to speak for themselves, it clearly demonstrates that Islam acknowledges the validity of other religions to a remarkable degree, that it reveres Christ as the Messiah, and accepts his Virgin birth. The Universal Spirit of Islam is also filled with superb illustrations of Muslim art and architecture, giving readers a concrete taste of the beauty contained within this religion.


  • ForeWord Book of the Year Award Finalist for “Religion”
  • Winner of the Silver Midwest Book Award for “Religion/Philosophy/Inspiration”
  • Winner of the Silver Benjamin Franklin Award “Religion”

Reviews (hide/show)

“This book sets out to explore if these sources [the Qur’an and hadiths] provide a basis for improving interfaith relations. The Fitzgeralds give the reader space to come to their own conclusions, not taking sides in their preface. Their selections of Qur’anic and hadith passages show a unique sensitivity to and understanding of Islam. Accompanied by lovely photographs … as well as reprints of Islamic art and illuminated Qur’ans, the titular ‘spirit’ of Islam comes across as reflective, wise and bridge building. The Fitzgeralds have reorganized some of Islam’s most sacred texts and art in an easy-to-understand format, not only underscoring the interfaith resources in Islam but the spiritual side of Islam as well.”
Publishers Weekly
“One of the qualities of open-minded, respectful and godly people is they ‘approve and believe in goodness’ (Quran 92:25), wherever they happen to find it. On the other hand the most unjust person is ‘the one who denies truth’ (Quran: The spider: 68) in the other who happens to speak it. The editors of this wonderfully decorated volume are commended for compiling this beautiful collection of Quranic verses and saying of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

“This book shows the universal nature of Islam, it is not racial, parochial, geographically confined to a region or time bound. The Koranic teachings reveal universal truths; relating to the creator, purpose of human life, development of moral values and methods of spiritual growth. In brief how mankind can unleash is God given potential so that he realizes the greatness of human spirit. I particularly like the collection of verse about Christianity; honor and dignity of our beloved Jesus, the purity and greatness of Virgin Mary, the piety and devoutness of Christian monks etc.

“The editors’ taste for Islamic art is exceptional; they have selected some of the most exquisite Islamic patterns, most amazing examples of calligraphy and majestic architecture of mosques around the world.

“This is a great gift for anyone who wishes to see the spirit of Islam as it is from pristine sources. In our age of mutual demonization and condemnation of each other it is extremely refreshing to see a book like this where ‘the good in the other’ is both appreciated and sublimely presented. Anyone interested in finding out the truth about Islam should read this book in [their] schools; colleges and universities should use it to raise awareness of teachers and students. It will go a long way in tackling Islamophobia in these institutions. This is an enlightened way of building peace and bridges.”
Dr. Musharraf Hussain, Director, Karimia Institute, Nottingham, UK
“Does the Qur’an and hadith provide a basis for improving interfaith relations? It’s unusual to find a spiritual title which doesn’t take sides but The Universal Spirit of Islam achieves this goal, providing selected passages from the two which offer a better understanding of Islam. Add reproductions of Islamic art and photos to chapters contrasting Islam with Judaism, Christianity and more, and editors Judith Fitzgerald & Michael Fitzgerald beautifully display their strengths.”

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