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Gifts of Our Lady of Guadalupe:
Patroness of Latin America
Written and illustrated by Demi
Subject(s): Age(s)

Juvenile Nonfiction / Religion / Biography

Ages 5 and up

Format: Size / page count:


10" × 8.75" / 40 pages

ISBN: Date available:


May 2018




Just before dawn on Saturday the 9th of December, 1531, Juan Diego was on his way to Mass near Mexico City. He came to a hill known as Tepeyac just as day broke. He could hear the singing of many beautiful birds, but then the singing suddenly stopped. As he looked towards the top of the hill he heard someone calling his name. He was amazed to see a beautiful lady. Her clothes glimmered like the sun and her brilliance made the rocks and plants sparkle like jewels. Juan Diego bowed deeply before her, as she told him that she was Holy Mary, the Mother of God. Then she instructed him to go to the bishop in Mexico City and ask him to build a great church so that people would come to know her love, compassion, and protection. But the bishop wished for a sign…

In this beautiful retelling of the story by award-winning author, Demi, find out how the miracles performed by the Virgin of Guadalupe persuaded the bishop to build the church; how they caused ten million Aztecs to convert to Catholicism within just eight years; and why the basilica dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe today receives 20 million pilgrims per year, making it the most popular Christian pilgrimage site in the world.

Demi is the award-winning author of over 130 bestselling children’s books, including Jesus, Mary, Saint Francis of Assisi, Joan of Arc, Saint Bernadette and the Miracles of Lourdes, and Talking to God. Her titles have sold over half a million copies. The Empty Pot was selected by former First Lady Barbara Bush as one of the books to be read on the ABC Radio Network Program Mrs. Bush’s Story Time, sponsored by the Children’s Literacy Initiative. Demi’s book Gandhi was named a New York Times Best Illustrated Book and received an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award. In addition, she represented the United States at the First International Children’s Book Conference in Beijing, China. She lives in Yarrow Point, WA.

Reviews (hide/show)

“The miraculous story of how a humble Indian farmer named Juan Diego was influential in creating one of the most sacred and celebrated Christian pilgrimage sites in the world is told with vibrant colors and striking, textured artwork. The mighty Aztec Empire, ruthless Spanish conquistadors, tonsured priests, and a shimmering vision of Holy Mary all play a special role, commemorating the history and wonder of the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of Latin America.”
Foreword Reviews
a page from the book “Gifts of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Patroness of Latin America”
, written and illustrated by Demi

A sample of a page spread from the book Gifts of Our Lady of Guadalupe:
Patroness of Latin America
, written and illustrated by Demi

Another page from the book “Gifts of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Patroness of Latin America”
, written and illustrated by Demi

Another page spread from the book, this one displaying another
striking palette of color from the well-known illustrator, Demi

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