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cover of St Francis of Assisi

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Saint Francis of Assisi
author and artist: Demi
Subject(s): Age(s) / Grade level  / Lexile:

Juvenile Non Fiction– Biography;
Juvenile Non Fiction – Religious – Christian

6 and up / 6-7 / Lexile
: 970L

Format: Size / page count:


11" × 10" / 56 pages

ISBN: Date available:


October 2012




Saint Francis of Assisi is one of the most beloved and inspirational figures in the history of Christianity. The stunning illustrations of award-winning author, Demi, bring to life the story of this son of a rich merchant who was raised to become a knight, but abandoned all his worldly goods in order to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Inspired by the remarkable example of his holiness, Saint Francis is venerated by millions of Christians around the world, no matter their denomination. His saintly imitation of Jesus’ teachings and actions inspired others to follow his example, eventually leading to the foundation of the Franciscan Order and the Order of St. Clare. Well-known for his love of animals and nature and in his efforts to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to all of God’s creation, he even preached directly to many furry friends including wolves and rabbits and also fish, birds and other critters as well as Nature itself. Not surprisingly, he is the patron saint of animals and the environment and many people celebrate the Blessing of the Animals once a year on his Feast Day which is October 4.


  • Finalist in the “Juvenile Nonfiction” category of the Foreword Magazine 2012 Book of the Year awards


  • Three knights are riding at top speed away from a village in the distance in a scene taken from this book. You can click here for this 350KB file in jpg format in a new file or window and then print it out for children to color in.
  • Another coloring page from the book is of a line of monks following St. Francis over the hills outside Assisi. Click here for this 313KB file in jpg format.


Saint Francis of Assisi receives lovely drawings by Demi and packs in 56 pages of images and description to offer a retelling of the life story of Francis of Assisi. Christian readers will find this includes all stories and legends about Francis, from his youth to his conversion to poverty and his message, with Demi’s lovely color drawings adding impact and flavor to the tales. Christian collections will find this a lovely introduction for ages 10 and up.”
Children’s Bookwatch (Midwest Book Review)
“Demi includes every single story and legend about Francis: his misspent youth, his conversion to poverty, his preaching to the birds, his receiving of the stigmata (the wounds of Christ on the Cross). The narrative opens with his Canticle of the Sun and closes with St Francis’ Blessing and his Praises to God Most High….

“Medieval manuscripts, marbled papers, ancient cityscapes and Persian miniatures are all sources of inspiration for image after image of surpassing beauty. Here’s Francis divesting himself of his garments in order to return to his father his sumptuous silk brocades. Father, bystanders and bishop are all arrayed in magnificent robes. Here’s Francis preaching to the sultan in his brilliantly hued tent. And here’s Francis creating the first Christmas crèche, as fox and goose, wolf and lamb (and a stained-glass gathering of townspeople) come to worship.…

“Beautiful… (Picture book/biography. 8-14)”
—from a review in Kirkus Reviews (online)
“Saint Francis of Assisi was a complex individual who faced many instances of adversity in his life in Italy. In this children’s book, illustrator Demi delivers a retelling of his story, from his birth in 1182 to his participation in war with a neighboring town. The diagrams that accompany the text leave a biblical impression appropriate for this story, with gold frames, clothing, and architecture suggestive of the time period they recap. The story is appropriate for children aged six through ten.…”
—from a review in ForeWord Reviews
“The story of Saint Francis of Assisi is a stirring one for people of all ages. This telling of Saint Francis’s life covers the span from his humble birth in a stable in 1182 through his inspiring life to his being declared a saint after his death. Though Francis had a humble birth, his father was a wealthy merchant. Francis was destined for a life of glory and heroism as a knight. When he came across a poor knight in rusty armor, he gave his own armor away. While suffering an illness, he had a vision and joined the Pope’s army. He found his greatest joy in giving away his worldly goods and living a life dedicated to preaching and living a simple life in the manner of Jesus. Soon others joined him and his good works grew. He communed with animals, most famously bringing the vicious wolf of Gubbio to peace with the people of the town.

“This lovely retelling of the life of Saint Francis is accompanied by rich, glowing illustrations reminiscent of illuminated manuscripts of medieval times. Demi, both author and illustrator, has created a book that will delight many of all ages.”
Sacramento/San Francisco Book Review

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