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Gerald Hausman

Photo of Gerald HausmanGerald Hausman is a writer, editor, teacher, and storyteller. His many books focus particularly on Native American themes and animal mythology, among other topics. Hausman's work has earned him many honors and awards, and he has also appeared on television and radio programs. He also writes an award-winning column, "Pine Island Soundings" about life on a barrier island.

Along with co-editor Bob Kapoun, Gerald Hausman has edited The Image Taker: The Selected Stories and Photographs of Edward S. Curtis, which features nearly 200 rarely seen photographs from Edward S. Curtis’ masterpiece, The North American Indian. The book combines the history and the stories from 26 tribes and transports the reader to a now-lost age. Hausman’s new book for Wisdom Tales will be The Otter, the Spotted Frog & the Great Flood (coming in Fall 2013), illustrated by Ramon Shiloh, which is a story based in America before humans existed on earth, with animal characters and a great flood that ends with the creation of First Man and First Woman in a most surprising way!

In The Otter, the Spotted Frog & the Great Flood (coming in 2013), which Ramon Shiloh illustrated and Gerald Hausman wrote, everything, even the whole wide world, gets very, very wet!

Gerald Hausman was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1945, and grew up in New Jersey and Massachusetts. He graduated from college in New Mexico and continued to live there for two decades. During that time, he had a summer residence on the island of Jamaica where he and his wife, Loretta, founded a school for creative writing. Besides his writing, Mr. Hausman worked in publishing for a number of years as an editor and executive, taught English, and was the Poet-in-residence for a variety of educational institutions.

Hausman is a multi-cultural storyteller who gathers and tells stories worldwide. In his school visits he includes a wide range of topics from writing as a career to American Indian mythology and from dogs of the Titanic to Great Danes in his own house. He was a special guest on the History Channel’s “Haunted Caribbean” program, telling tales of pirates and mermaids. On National Public Radio he spoke about gathering Native American stories.

Praise for Gerald’s anthologies includes The New York Times Book Review for Tunkashila: From the Birth of Turtle Island to the Blood of Wounded Knee which stated, “An eloquent tribute to the first great storytellers of America.” The same review goes on to comment about Hausman’s style like this: “Gerald Hausman’s writing is richly lyrical; his language creates a swirling, lustrous world in which his characters come triumphantly to life.”

Gerald Hausman’s picture book Three Little Birds (co-written with Cedella Marley and illustrated by Mariah Fox) has been adapted into a musical for children which has already put on performances in several cities, including New York City.

Comments about Author Gerald Hausman (hide/show)

“Gerald Hausman is one of the best storytellers in the world.”
Coleen Salley, New Orleans storyteller, former Distinguished Professor University of New Orleans, and author of Epossumondas
(About the audio book The Turquoise Horse:)“Gerald’s sensitive interpretation of each story, his vocal play with words enhances every moment of the tales.”
Ashley Bryan, Coretta Scott King Award Winning author and illustrator
“I think of him as the Johnny Appleseed of storytelling, taking the message far and wide across the land.”
Aram Saroyan

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Gerald Hausman